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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Introduction: Precious Memories Not My Own

It was either Christmas of 1990 or 1991 that my brother Randy and I received the most extraordinary gift.  Our dear Mother, Gwen Foshee, took countless hours, and wrote by hand her recollections of her life.  She not only put pen to paper for one, she put pen to paper for both of us.  So as not to rile the children who so often claimed that “Mom Likes Me Best”, each page, of both editions, began and ended with the same word.  If there was a mistake made on a page of one edition, then the same mistake was made on the other.  Such is the mind of my Mother, which explains the mind of her children.


It is my intention to “blog” these 92 hand written pages, maybe with additional material, maybe not, so that you can see into a world that is fast passing from our collective memory.  For my family it is our life.  For you, well it will be for you to decide what it is for you.  Just know that these are special remembrances, written by a special lady, that helped shaped, in my own biased opinion, a very special family.


This is my Mother’s story, but since my mother was 14 years old, Darce Foshee, has been THE major part of her life.  At the time of my writing they have been married 66 years, so to not pay homage to the greatest man I’ve ever known, my Daddy, would be remise. 


Many things have changed since this was written.  Most significantly to the narrative will be my divorce, as this was written prior to then.  I know that if Mom were to write this now, she would write equally wonderful things about my dear Lisa.  I know this because Mom has told me how special Lisa is to her. 


Jamey Foshee

December 2012



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