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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Precious Memories Not My Own: Introduction

Before you panic at the length of this, remember you asked for it!  There are thousands of things I haven’t included, so be thankful for that.  I’ve tried to think of the things that might interest you most.  The rest you might remember our telling you from time to time, probably over and over too.  Neatness, spelling, accurate dates and continuity of thought don’t count-just memories.


At the time I’m writing this Daddy is sixty four and I’m sixty three.  Sometimes it seems that all this happened last week.  You’ll understand that later.  Lots of things have happened in those years, both good and bad.  Some we would like to change, some forget altogether.  On thing we would never change, and our great accomplishment and pleasure is you varmints.  You might notice, I didn’t say it had been all pleasure, there were times!!


I do want to say a little more about your grandparents.  Their generation began at the end of the Victorian Age, went through World War I, raised their families during the depression under circumstances hard to imagine, gave up sons to World War II, and still held things together.  They grew up in horse and buggy days, and lived to see men walking on the moon.  Their parents were products of the Civil War.  They may not have been able to have a formal education, but in things that were really important they were brilliant! All of us have a hard act to follow.


And a word or two to Glinda and Janis!  This is about your family, because you are ours.  Though we never dream of trying to take your parents place in your hearts (we could never do that even if we try), we have wanted to make our own place.  We’re grateful that you have let us do that.  You are daughters the we never had.  Neither of us think of you as daughters-in-law, you’re more special to us than that.  We love you for making our boys happy, for being world class mothers, and for so willingly sharing your lives with us.  Most of all though, we just love you


How could I not love the girls I prayed for since the boys were babies!  I wish all grandparents could be sure, as we are, that no one could possibly give their grandkids better care o more love.  And you will know our fellings better when you have a daughter-in-law of your own.  I shudder to think of the mistakes we’ve made, but we’re still learning!


Ryan, Kyler, and Shawna-  I still can’t believe you.  You’re like there cherries on an ice cream sundae.  Each one of you is so special to us.  Shawna, because you were our first grandchild and a girl!  Totally new to us.  Ryan, because you were our first grandson, and we needed you.  Kyler, because you were Jamey’s first and we waited a long time for you!  If there are other, we’ll try to make room for them – squeeze them in somewhere.  That will be about as hard as putting another cherry on the Sunday!!  It will be a long, long time before you are interested in this, but I’m pretty sure that someday you will.  Maybe when your Mom and Dad are the age Paw Paw and I are now.  They they can tell their story.


We love you.



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